Suffer not the feminist to live.

a silly au in which the kids and trolls live in minecraftia surviving it out

the b1 kids mess around in a plains/forest biome that seems to provide them most of what they need.

john has built a simple brick house with a chest, furnace, table, etc. he goes out to adventure every now and again for ores and jewels and uses dave’s minecart system to help carry it all. he was gifted an ender chest and matching pack from rose, a personal driving cart from dave, and a tamed creeper from jade.

jade lives with john and helps run a farm with him, breeding horses and livestock to slay for food later on. she also runs a pretty huge garden and stays up to keep ogres and werewolves from straying too close to their home/ranch, but it results in her often collapsing to rest.

rose built a nice mini-condo, high up and away from land-walking mobs like creepers and ogres and uses modded equipment, such as a superior crafting table, a furnace powered by liquid magic, etc. rose is proficient in the ways of thaum and alchemy and, in terms of gear, is totally set. dave’s home is below rose’s, as her’s is far in the air, reachable by teleportation through runes or straight-up flying. later on, rose starts overclocking and taint envelopes her floating island…and herself.

dave builds a shitty dirthut…which hides a redstone-powered door leading to a massive underground base and minecart circuit. the other kids are stumped as to how he found the time and manpower to do all this. where rose is a master of magic, dave is a master of industry, redstone, and blulectricity. everything in dave’s humble underground abode is automated by one of the two sources.